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PMMI Operational Excellence Forums - CPGs and OEMs collaborate to solve common production challenges at forums in Trenton, NJ and Milwaukee, WI.  View/Download the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest reports to see results of their deliberations.

AIOE Innovation Stage Presentations at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013
- click on titles to View/Download the presentations
Creating A Culture of Operational Excellence in CPG Manufacturing
Total Cost of Ownership of Manufacturing Equipment: Guidelines for CPG Industry
One Voice in Sanitary Equipment Design for Low-Moisture Foods
Calculating the Real Value OEE Brings to Your Company

AIOE Communities of Practice Issue their 2nd Quarter Summary Reports
Manufacturing Excellence Share Group
Operational Reliability Solutions Group
Sustainability Solutions Group
Total Cost of Ownership Solutions Group
Workforce Development Solutions Group

Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow
- Q&A with Dan Sileo, Vice President of Manufacturing at Sunny Delight Beverage Co. featured in Food Manufacturing.  Click here to learn more.

AIOE Workforce Development Paper Featured on Manufacturing.Net
- Read Part 1 and Part 2.

New Hires Are Hard To Come By
- AIOE Workforce Development paper in Packaging World gets right to the point on the future work force.  Click here to learn more.

AIOE Validation Webinar Series Now Underway
- the five-part webinar series based on the Validating the Reduction of Salmonella and Other Pathogens in Heat Processed Low-Moisture Foods is now underway.  Click here to learn more and here to register.

FSMA 101 for Processing & Packaging Equipment Suppliers
- FSMA Conference in Chicago on May 2 helps PMMI members understand how the Food Safety Modernization Act is effecting their customers and what they can do about it.  View/Download conference content to learn more.

AIOE Links OEM's and Food Manufacturers on FSMA - AIOE launches mini-conference on May 2 in Chicago and Barach urges proactive collaboration between OEM's and food manufacturers in PMT article.

New AIOE Resource:  PMMI Retains FSMA Expert Jeff Barach Ph.D.

AIOE in Print:  Did you know that the Alliance is regularly featured in PMT Direct, the flagship publication of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)?

Read/Download the latest articles:

"AIOE Participants Realize ROIPay It Forward Has Payback"

"Validation: Today or Tomorrow?  A New Tool for Bridging the Gap"

"Journey to Sustainability Excellence"

"GMA Leadership View On Driving Operational Excellence"

"Upstream Solutions for Downstream Success"

"Innovation Drives CPG Industry, AIOE Provides New Routes"

"Building a Business Case with OEE . . .Yes It Can Be Done!" 


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Tools & Guidelines

OEE Opportunity Calculator

Sustainability Risk Assessment Tool

Register and learn more about AIOE's "Ask The Expert" Webinar Series

Recent Webinars:
Engaging the Manufacturing Workforce
Greg Flickinger, VP Manufacturing Snyder's Lance

Minimize your Supplier's Sustainability Risk to your Supply Chain
Jarod Cook, Director Environmental Services, Del Monte Foods

Calculating the Real Value OEE Brings to your Company
Mark Hanley, Asset Reliability Manager, Land O'Lakes

Sustainability Success in CPG Manufacturing
Bill Gill, VP Environmental Affairs, Smithfield Foods

Tools for Validating Key Components of a Food Safety Plan
David Anderson, Food Safety Manager, Del Monte Foods
Bala Kottapalli, Principal Microbiologists - Food Safety, ConAgra Foods
Dr. Bradley Marks, Professor of Biosystems Engineering, Mighican State University
Joyce Fassl, Edito-in-Chief, Food Engineering


Operational Reliability:

Just released: The Operational Reliability Solutions Group has just released a new document OEE, "Overall Equipment Effectiveness:  Guidelines for the CPG Industry and Their Suppliers."   To learn more, View/Download the document.

Just released:  A series of 5 Webinars on the "Overall Equipment Effectiveness:  Guidelines for the CPG Industry and Their Suppliers" will help manufacturers launch or refine a continuous improvement initiative at the plant level. View/Download each of the webinars that have been presented and see the schedule for the balance of 2012. 

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Just released:  The Engineering Solutions Group has just released its vision for One Voice, a uniform approach to the most common, non-proprietary sanitary equipment designs that meets a base food safety requirement for the manufacture of low-moisture foods.  View/Download the document.  

Total Cost of Ownership:
AIOE has just launched a new community of practice, the Total Cost of Ownership Solutions Group.  For additional information, please contact Steve Schlegel at

Product Safety:

JUST RELEASED - new guidelines for process validation in low-moisture foods.  To learn more, View/Download the document Validating the Reduction of Salmonella and Other Pathogens in Heat Processed Low-Moisture Foods.  View/Download important edit to Table 9-12 in guidelines document.


Module 1 - Building the Business Case for Validation.  View/Download the document.

Module 2 - Plotting the Validation JourneyView/Download the document.

Module 3 - Validation Testing:  What, Who & How.  View/Download the document.

Module 4 - Best Use of Microorganisms.  View/Download the document.

Module 5 - Back to the Business Case.  View/Download the document.

Sustainability Journey Executive Summary is Just Released.  Valuable information to provide the context and importance to your business.

The unique resource tool of the 18 main attributes of the Journey to Sustainability Excellence is also now available. Whether you are just beginning your journey, an intermediate or advanced you will find case studies and guidance to be useful. 

Manufacturing Excellence:
 Just Released:   The Manufacturing Excellence Share Group produced a study of "Developing and Engaging the Manufacturing Workforce."   This study offers insights for all CPG manufacturers and their suppliers.  View/Download the study.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT - developing high performance work teams in food manufacturing plants.  To learn more, View/Download article on how Synder's-Lance did it.                       

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Workforce Development:

AIOE has just launched a new community of practice, the Workforce Development Solutions Group.  For additional information, please contact Steve Schlegel at or Steve Perry at