How to spot fake Vicodin: Abbott reacts to counterfeits

How to spot fake Vicodin: Abbott reacts to counterfeits

In the wake of its recent warning to consumers and healthcare professionals about two separate instances of counterfeit Vicodin ES product purchased via the Internet, U.S. drugmaker Abbott is again issuing an alert to help both consumers and healthcare professionals identify counterfeit Vicodin. Here is the link:

“The safety and integrity of Abbott products for the patients we serve is our highest priority,” says a statement on the drugmaker’s web site. “Abbott understands that the threat posed to public health and safety by counterfeit products is a very serious one. We regularly take action to keep counterfeit products out of the marketplace. Secondary market products are generally products purchased from any source other than from the original manufacturer and are commonly referred to as ‘secondary market,’ ‘gray market’ or ‘diverted’ products. It is often through the secondary market that counterfeit, adulterated or improperly stored and handled products make their way into the distribution channel. When product comes from the secondary market, it is difficult to assure patients and health care professionals of the product's quality or safety or to provide product updates.

“The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has stated that ‘rogue’ Internet websites are the number one source of abused combination hydrocodone products. Our goal is to prevent the sale of our Vicodin-class products through these rogue Internet sites, while preserving the ability to fill and refill legitimate prescriptions, issued within the context of bona fide physician-patient relationships, using on-line technology.”

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