Lifting straps are used by various industries for moving and lifting tons of load. As a simple piece of technology, lifting straps (also referred to as lifting slings) can make heavy objects feel lighter by as much as 66%. How? Well, because these help distribute a load's weight between people/machinery carrying it. The manner in which these straps are designed is simply amazing. It is because of the design the straps can easily move/lift heavy objects with complete ease. Today, there are a multitude of lifting straps available in the market varying according to size, shape, color etc. Let's understand more about these in detail.

Before discussing about these straps, there are some important points to bear in mind. When it comes to installing and using these straps, always follow the manufacturer's instructions & guidelines. Moreover, in order to get the best out lifting slings or straps, you should keep inspecting them on a periodic basis. Furthermore, you will also require the help of a trained professional to maintain these. No matter which lifting strap you plan to buy, you should be extremely careful in using them. Here are some of the most popular
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When people think about moving, they generally think about moving that happens in the summer. Moves are much easier in warm weather, but we don't always choose when we need to relocate. An off-season move may be a little challenging, but with the right planning and the correct equipment, you'll find that you can handle the move with a fair amount of ease.

Consider Everything That Has Temperature Requirements

You cannot simply count on being able to leave things in a truck or a car overnight. For example, do you have plants that you want to take with you? Plants are quite sensitive to the cold, and depending on how delicate they are, they may only be able to tolerate a small amount of time without insulation. One way to make sure that your plants stay in good shape is to pack them in insulated boxes or Styrofoam coolers. To make sure that they do not topple, put them into the box and wedge the pots with wads of newspaper.

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Antiques can be found throughout Milwaukee. Some are family heirlooms while others are valuable decorative pieces. Individuals and businesses both face a problem when attempting to ship an antique. The fragile nature of many antiques makes them difficult to ship safely. Similarly, the some packing materials can actually change the appearance of the surface of an item over time. Anyone who is attempting to ship antiques from Milwaukee will want to take several steps to ensure that the item arrives at the destination safely.

One of the first steps to take when preparing an antique for shipping is to clean the item as much as possible. This can be difficult with some antiques that have a specific patina or a delicate surface. Cleaning should at least consist of dusting and wiping away any obvious debris on the surface with a towel that will not shed fibers. Items that are more durable can be washed with soap and water. Cleaning will provide a better experience for the recipient. It also helps to prevent damage since small pieces of debris or a layer of dust could cause scratches on the surface after coming into contact with other packing materials.

Antique lamps, frames or other decorative items should have any loose parts secured. This can be done with acid-free tape or archival quality ties that will not affect the surface of the item. Securing loose parts like a cord, a decorative arm or a pane of glass in a frame will create a more compact shape and will prevent damage during the shipping process. Antiques that are not solidly connected at a joint or that are damaged should be taken apart and packed separately. The movement of the different parts will cause damage during shipping if this is not done.
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The durability, strength and abrasion resistance of wire ropes means they are commonly used in slings. What’s more their inherent ability to adjust to the shape of the loads for which they are used is also a point in their favor. Their popularity means they are commonly used; this also means that they must be used safely so that the personnel working with them don’t injure themselves.

Here are 3 safety tips that will help you make good use of wire rope slings and at the same time keep the safety perspective in mind:

1. Choosing the Right Sling as per your requirement

To ensure the safe use of the sling in your work environment, you must first ensure that you pick the right sling. So, it’s important to pick the right sling based on your load need. Once you have identified the maximum load whose pressure your wire rope sling will be subject to, choose the rope with the appropriate rated load. There are plenty of parameters that you need to consider in this case which include the strength of the material, the design factor, the efficiency of fabrications etc.

2. Expert and Manufacturer Recommendations
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What’s a better way to promote new packaging design than to take to social media and ask your audience if they’ve noticed? When they’re taking photos of your new design on store shelves, they are a hunting for your product.

Mrs.Freshley’s knows this marketing secret and has recently launched the “Spot Mrs. Freshley’s Sweet New Look®” campaign. If you spot their new packaging on store shelves and post your photos on their website, you could win.  Mrs. Freshley's, a line of snack cakes and pastries from Flowers Foods, Thomasville, GA, has unveiled new packaging with a bright modern design that compliments a new logo unveiled earlier this year.

Interested in the contest? The Sweet New Look Giveaway began on April 15 and continues until May 26, 2013.

What’s it worth?

Week 1-5:

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It’s a few years away, so there’s time to prepare your trade show schedule. According to PMMI, owner/producer of PACK EXPO trade shows, “A new regional packaging & processing event will debut at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center.”

PACK EXPO East will take place in Philly, February 2-4, 2015.

“There’s a real need in the market for first-class events that are a bit closer to home,” says Rick Fox Jr., president, Fox IV Technologies, who chairs PMMI’s Board of Directors. “About 18 months ago,” he adds, “PMMI commissioned Westat, a leading research firm, to reach out to customers about the need for a regional event, and if they would support one. The results were extremely positive.”

PMMI expects to draw attendees from a range of critical market segments including food, beverage, personal care, electronics and pharmaceutical and medical devices.

With its great track record for exhibiting confectionery processing and packaging equipment, do you think PACK EXPO East will work for your company?

“Philadelphia is within easy driving distance of 40% of the U.S. population, and that area includes large consumer goods companies, industrial manufacturers and a huge life sciences community,” PMMI’s Rick Fox says, adding, “PACK EXPO East is positioned well to help brand owners find the solutions they need, a bit closer to home.”

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Some of the food industry’s biggest companies were in Chicago last week for the 2013 Food Technology & Innovation Forum.  From April 22 – 24 at the Westin Chicago North Shore, lively presentations from industry powerhouses drew attendees to learn more about the trends in the food industry.

Dr. Jim Painter, professor, School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University, presented information on how bigger portions are adding to the ongoing  obesity problem in America. These larger portions can be found not only in dinners, but also in oversized “big” snack portions.

The Food Safety Modernization Act is a hot issue for all manufacturers and it was here as well.  One of the points made during the presentation by Melanie Neumann, senior director for food & import safety for Leavitt Partners, was the importance of knowing who your supplier’s suppliers are. She stressed that it is important to consider what would happen if the FDA stopped their products coming in to the U.S. for 30 days. How could this impact your business?

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Emerging food allergens that need to be labeled, such as mustard and celery, are being added to the list of “the big 8” in some parts of the world. For confectioners who are using savory flavors in their products this trend is worth watching. It’s not just nuts, soy and milk, anymore.

W. Jeffrey Hurst, principal scientist, The Hershey Company, presents this news and more in “Allergens – A Global Perspective.” His talk at PMCA’s Annual Production Conference earlier this month provides an overview of selected physiological effects, methods of analysis including interpretation of results, cleaning validation activities, and new developments in the calculation and determination of threshold value.

Hurst cites the white paper, “Guidance on Food Allergen Management” published January 2013 in Food Drink Europe, as a source for current global topics.

Deemed the “first guidance of its kind”, the EU-based paper “sets out general principles to manage specific pre-packaged foods causing allergy or certain intolerances and provides sound, evidence-based and consistent information on good practice in risk management of allergenic foods for producers." Charts and graphs show elements in allergen risk managements. Critical elements, for example, start with people, suppliers, raw materials handling, equipment and factory design, manufacturing, consumer information, product development and change, through documentation. To download,

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The snack food industry recently lost one of its great entrepreneurs and contributors. Now a legacy, John Rudolph is known for his unending contributions to his company and the snack food industry, up until his death.

John Rudolph, the successful entrepreneur who brought Rudolph Foods Corporation from making pork rinds to the global snack leader that it is today, died on April 16. He was 88 years old. Rudolph was an industry leader who also held leadership roles within the Snack Food Association (SFA),

Launching Rudolph Foods in 1955, John Rudolph never retired and stayed involved in the business, even going to the office within the last few weeks of his life.  Rudolph is one of the world's largest pork rind companies and manufactures private label brand products.

He was a dedicated member of the Lima, OH, community, where Rudolph Foods is headquartered. His experience in the snack food industry included a variety of leadership roles within the Snack Food Association, the Food Industries Center at The Ohio State University, and the Young Presidents Organization. He was a recipient of the 2001 SFA Circle of Honor Award, given to those who have made lasting contributions to the snack food industry.

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India’s battle versus Global Big Pharma has been well documented here in the RX Lounge. Now it appears that it is not alone in eyeing tighter drug patent standards.

Australia has questioned the benefit of allowing patent extension beyond 20 years and is looking to tighten its “less than rigorous” patent standards. The draft report of Australia's pharmaceutical patents review released recently also raised doubts about Australia necessarily getting more R&D investments from giving patent extensions. (Source: TOI -

While Novartis and the Big Pharma

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When you dominate the beer market as long as Budweiser has, changing the contents of its product is really out of the question. That leaves the packaging, something it—and major competitors Miller and Coors—modifies often as a way to keep it fresh and in the public eye.

This spring Budweiser is dressing up. It has created a bowtie-shaped aluminum can that mirrors Budweiser’s iconic bowtie logo. The new can will be available in a special 8-pack on store shelves nationwide beginning May 6.

“This can is incomparable, like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” says Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch. “The world’s most iconic beer brand deserves the world’s most unique and innovative can. I think we have it here.”

The proprietary can, in development since 2010, will be available only in the United States and in an 8-pack and will not replace the traditional Budweiser can.

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Jelly Belly Candy Company chose National Jelly Bean Day, April 22, 2013 to launch its new Jelly Belly Jewel Collection. What an innovative move!

Do you think to launch new products on eponymous days?

The 2.8% growth of the confection’s category (hard candies, licorice and chewy candies) in 2012 underlines this as a perfect time for innovations. [Source, National Confectioners Association]

The new shimmering collection of Jelly Belly jelly beans features seven of the brand’s most popular flavors finished with an iridescent color. The gem-inspired candy is currently available online at and at the company’s Visitor and Tour Center in Fairfield, CA.

The new collection, shown in the adjacent image, includes Jewel Blueberry, Jewel Bubble Gum, Jewel Sour Apple, Jewel Cream Soda, Jewel Berry Blue, Jewel Orange and Jewel Very Cherry.

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Continuing its homage to Italian Talents, Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water announced the latest installment in the Italian Talents project—a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti and Italian opera in collaboration with the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation. In celebration of the new project, it is unveiling a special edition S.Pellegrino bottle with an opera-inspired label featuring the late maestro. The exclusive bottle will be available in fine dining restaurants throughout the U.S. starting in late April and while supplies last. (Source: Herald)

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It's time to start checking out who is on deck for the upcoming EXPO PACK Mexico 2013, June 18-21. The popular trade show will feature many well-known OEMs from North America. What solutions will you be looking for in Mexico?
Intelligrated, a North American-based automated material handling solutions provider with operations in Mexico City, is exhibiting at EXPO PACK Mexico 2013.  Intelligrated will highlight its Real Time Solutions  pick-to-light and voice order fulfillment solutions, as well as its line of Alvey robotic palletizing systems.

Intelligrated’s Real Time Solutions order fulfillment systems are flexible and scalable to meet the challenges facing today’s high-speed, high-accuracy order fulfillment operations. Real Time Solutions order fulfillment solutions enable a wide range of fulfillment methods to increase order picking productivity and accuracy.
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Consumers of confections may soon see calorie counts on the front of their favorite candy packages. And CPG brand owners are volunteering to do so.

“The best way to avoid mandatory labeling is to launch a program before it’s legislated,” says Laura Shumow, director of scientific and regulatory affairs of the National Confectioners Association (NCA).

At the PMCA 67th Production Conference, April 15th – 17th, at Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA, Shumow gave the latest FDA scoops. She presented her talk, “Regulatory Update for the Confectionery Industry,” to more than 800 PMCA attendees.

As part of NCA’s new Treat Right program, a voluntary FOP (Front of Pack) labeling initiative helps manufacturers of confectionery products look ahead. “It’s already happening in other countries,” Shumow explains. “For example,” she adds, “Chile has launched a ‘stop sign’ symbol that states the number of calories, grams of fat, and saturated fat, on the front of packages.”

Shumow says NCA believes that it’s important to be consistent with other industry programs, pointing to the Grocery Manufacturers Association Facts-up-Front, and American Beverage Association’s Clear On Calories programs.

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Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications may have new competition from the over-the-counter arena according to a study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The research suggests acetaminophen (Tylenol) may help individuals overcome non-specific fear and anxiety. (Source: Psych Central)

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Aware that people snack a lot throughout the day, packaging designers continue to introduce new designs that encourages consumers to eat their food anytime they have an urge to nibble. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about the constant nibbling. The Journal delved into the psychology behind how sometimes, small amounts of food could drive you to eat more. The urge to eat to the bottom of a bag does appear to wane when a package is so large it is clearly not a single serving size, the article points out.

For years people have been shifting their eating habits to include more snacks on the go. The options have expanded exponentially since the introduction of small bags of potato chips or pretzels for lunchboxes years ago. Target Corp. is putting foods such as freeze-dried fruit and granola bars into single-serving multi-packs. Smaller packs also appear to be boosting consumption of products such as hummus, not normally a staple of the American diet. A joint venture between Strauss Group and PepsiCo Inc., offers hummus and salsa in "Grab and Go" portions, in small cups paired with pretzels or chips.

Researchers say it is unclear how resealability affects eating behavior, but it could encourage eaters to slow down their eating because the resealable package makes them want to save some for later. Walgreen Co. may shift its Nice brand nuts from canisters to resealable bags this summer. Some consumers may end up eating less in a sitting because they can open it and reseal it. Then again, it may not have an effect on eating habits – because it is so easy to open, some may still just eat the whole thing.
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