In geek heaven with robots

In geek heaven with robots

I’m a geek when it comes to technology. I can stand hypnotized at PackExpo booths watching robots effortlessly perform their tasks. There are few systems that are as mesmerizing to see in action as robots doing their everyday job.  But a robot’s “everyday” work is at mind-boggling speeds with incredible accuracy.

Food and Beverage Packaging magazine Editor in Chief Rick Lingle states in his blog Close encounters of the robotic kind, that “Robots truly epitomize the modern mechanization of a production workhorse with the ability to manipulate products and packages with inhuman speed, precision and strength. Their inhuman nature is why they are here—and there—in the first place as a once-novel idea that has become a reality.”  In a nutshell – how true!

Rick did his research and found that robots aren’t a novelty, they’re an explosion.  In his article, Robots Revolutionize Packaging Operations, he explains the love affair with robots, which has only just begun.

“Thus it comes as no surprise that sales of robotic systems are on the rise in record-breaking fashion. The industry’s trade group, the Robotic Industries Association, reports that North American robotics companies sold more robots in 2011 than ever before. A total of 19,337 robots valued at $1.17 billion were sold to companies in North America, beating the previous record of 18,228 robots sold in 2005. While these figures are boosted by general growth including in the auto industry and do not break out packaging, those presumably comprise a notable portion of “material handling” installations that grew 30% last year, according to the RIA report.”

That’s incredible growth, but obviously for good reason. Who wouldn’t want a C3PO who could move at record speeds? All of us have a little geek in us. And it’s good for business.

So, just how geeky is your production line?

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