Centering in on a country’s tastes

Centering in on a country’s tastes

Creating a product to meet the cultural tastes and expectations in different countries means knowing and understanding the different taste and product trends.

Market Expansion Services group DKSH is devoted to understanding the nuances in flavors between the various Asian countries. They have recently opened a new innovation center located in Taiwan tailored to the confectionery and bakery flavor preferences for that country. It’s an interesting concept, working within a specific country to learn the preferences and formulating ideas for bakers and confectioners targeted to that specific market. wrote about this new center in Taipei that is exclusively for the Taiwanese market. While interviewing DKSH communications manager Leng Stricker, he told them “In the U.S. and Europe, people tend to view Asia as one united entity, but that isn’t the case. Each country in Asia has its own unique culture, language, and also food preferences.”

Thailand, for example, has a preference for spicier foods. DKSH has innovations centers for bakery and confectionery ingredients in Thailand and Japan and is planning on opening a center in India in the future.

According to the innovation centers are due to the rising middle class in Asia, where there is a growing demand for premium and healthier products.

DKSH has 650 business locations in 35 countries, of which 630 are in Asia. The company has said that demand is growing steadily in all regions.

How well do you know the culture and tastes of your market? Even the U.S. has different regional tastes. Does this affect where you market your products? With the ease of changeover packaging lines, a product’s packaging can easily be changed. What about the product? Would you make a spicier version for the south?

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